Premed Resources


  1. How competitive are your scores?

    Medical School Finder (

    You can enter your MCAT scores and GPA and find out at which medical schools your scores are the most competitive. You can select the medical schools by state or country, which makes the website very convenient.

  2. The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) (

    The AMSA is the largest independent association of physicians-in-training in the United States. Their mission statement is:

    "The American Medical Student Association is committed to improving health care and healthcare delivery to all people; promoting active improvement in medical education; involving its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine; assisting in the improvement and understanding of world health problems; contributing to the welfare of medical students, interns, residents and post-MD/DO trainees; and advancing the profession of medicine."

    The goals of AMSA also include helping medical students and improving healthcare. The website offers much information about how to become actively involved with the organization.

    Take action:

    Interest groups:

    Action committees:


  3. Pre-Med Guide (
    This is a really comprehensive website that offers a great deal of information about coursework required for medical schools, finding the appropriate medical school, deciding whether to retake the MCAT, how Caribbean schools compare to medical schools in the United States. This website also provides a forum in which people experienced in the medical school application process can answer all of your questions. Overall, this is a great website that gives much information about anything regarding the medical school application process.

  4. Pre-Med Help (
    This website helps you answer questions such as: Am I a qualified candidate for medical school? Am I applying to the right schools? Does my application stack up? In addition, the website offers a lot of information about the personal statement, letters of recommendation, and interviews.

  5. Pre-Med Source (
    This website is a great general resource that provides information on preparing for the MCAT, a timeline for pre-med students, coursework information, and information about medical schools. It also provides information about various summer programs and other careers in health-care related fields.

  6. Pre-Med Tips (
    This website is a really clear and concise resource that provides information about how to make yourself a competitive applicant. In addition, it provides a basic timeline about what pre-med students should be doing in each of their semesters from freshmen through senior year.

  7. Med School Ready (
    This website gives a lot of information about pre-med requirements, medical school statistics, the application process, perspectives from different students, and the financial aspect of going to medical school. Overall, it is a very organized and easy to navigate website.

  8. Pre-Medical Advice (
    This website offers pre-med advice from Dr. Michael Greger, M.D. He gives a lot of great information about preparing to be pre-med, deciding which schools to apply to, the application process, and the interview process.

  9. American Medical Student Association (
    This is the official website for medical students in America. It provides a lot of information about how to get involved in health care related activities throughout the country. It is also a great way of staying connected with pre-medical students in America.


  1. Taking the MCAT
    The AMCAS website ( offers a great deal of information about the MCAT, and how to prepare for this test.

    Practice tests are available here:

    Information about careers in medicine and applying to medical school:

  2. Stanford Premedical Association The MCAT (
    This website answers many frequently asked questions about how to prepare for the MCAT, when to take it, and how medical schools interpret the score. In addition, it answers questions about how important the MCAT is in the admissions process overall.

  3. MCAT Review Courses
    Princeton Review:

    Both of these review courses offer great material that will help in preparing for the MCAT. This material includes review books, practice tests, and real MCATs released by the AAMC.

  4. MCAT Practice Online (
    If you register on this website, you can get access to 900 previously administered questions, comprehensive solutions, diagnostic score reports, and dozens of practice tests, sample essays, and an MCAT monitored bulletin board. You also have the opportunity to buy the most recently released official MCAT tests.

  5. MCAT Prep (
    This is a great website that gives you access to free MCAT practice tests. In addition, you have the opportunity to buy MCAT videos and complete MCAT prep courses online. The website also connects you to the MCAT store where you can find many more resources about the MCAT.

  6. MCAT General Information (
    This website offers a lot of information about when to the MCAT, how to study for the MCAT during your Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior years, and what kind of information is in each of the three sections. Though it is a very concise website, it is very helpful.

  7. MCAT Information (
    This website offers information about the format of the MCAT and how it is scored. It provides information about average, good, and top scores. In addition, the website gives information about how to prepare for the science and verbal sections, and how to write a good essay.

  8. MCAT FAQs from Cornell University (
    This website answers many questions such as: when to take the MCAT, what the format of the test is, how the MCAT is scored, how the scores are reported, how to prepare for the MCAT, and how you know whether or not you should retake the MCAT. The answers given on the website are extremely clear and very helpful.

Medical School Admissions

  1. Book for Medical School Admission Requirements
    Buy it on the AMCAS website:

    This book offers information on application procedures and deadlines, data on selection factors such as MCAT & GPA, medical school class profiles, costs and financial aid packages, and much more. It is an essential guide that every student planning on going to medical school must read before applying.

  2. Medical School Admissions - Personal Statements and Application Essays (
    This website offers a great deal of information on the following topics:
    • Completing the medical school applications
    • Writing your personal statements
    • Drafting and submitting secondary essays.
    • Interviewing
    The website offers tips about how to write your essays, gives many sample essays that applicants have written in the past, and offers information about letters of recommendation and interviews. It is a really useful source to use in the final stretch of applying to medical schools.

  3. Admissions Consultants (
    This website provides information about admissions consultants, who are Medical Doctors that can help you with the admissions process. They have much experience working with undergraduates and other students attempting to get into medical school, and can be contacted easily through this website.

  4. Medical School Admissions Timeline (
    This Princeton Review site offers a great timeline about the whole process of applying to medical schools, going from the beginning of junior year up to the end of senior year.

  5. Medical School Admissions Requirements (
    This website offers information about general coursework that is needed to get into medical school, choosing a major, and about variables that are important determinants of medical school acceptance. The website is organized very clearly and concisely, so it is very easy to navigate.

  6. Medical School Admission (
    This website provides general information about admissions requirements, but also provides a forum where you can ask questions about the admissions process. The website also has many links that connect to information about the MCAT, premedical advice, and medical school rankings.

  7. Medical School Admissions Criteria (
    This website offers a concise overview of what medical schools are looking for in their applicants. In the list of requirements, links that connect to other valuable websites are provided, which makes the website more useful. It offers information about how competitive your GPA and MCAT scores are, how to choose the appropriate medical schools to apply to, and how to write your personal statement.