Alice Wang
Fall 2016
Art Team
Art Team Member

Member since: Fall 2016

For a long time, I felt like my extracurricular interests were split: part of me is an artist who loves to draw portraits, the other half is a scientist fascinated by medical research and the advancement of science. More recently I’ve discovered that these two sides actually inform one another in a complementary way; I borrow the precision of science to draw nuanced, life-like portraits; I use the creative and divergent thinking of in art to approach scientific research from new perspectives. At the root of these interests is the desire to understand what it is that makes us human. Medicine, to me, is that middle ground where research begins to take on a human face. It comes down to empathy, to a love of people and a genuine concern for their needs and well being (and perhaps a fundamental desire to capture and preserve what it is that makes us human). I hope to continue to deepen and develop my perspective through my experiences in SCOPE, and as a member of the Art Project Team.