Alisha Birk
Fall 2016
Health Education
Health Education Team Member

Member since: Fall 2016

When I became homeless in September of 2014, there were many basic needs such as how I was going to be able to financially support myself, where I was going to live, and how I was going to get medical insurance that I was forced to struggle with. I got two jobs while being a full-time high school student and when I got sick and didn’t have any health insurance, everything fell apart. I had to worry about the cost of treatments and had to figure out the options available to me and how to apply for medical insurance. I wish that I would have had someone to guide me through that process. I hope that I can be that guidance in the lives of those who are low-income and disadvantaged and show them what resources are available to them so that they can get the medical care that they need and should have the right to. I aspire to make a difference in lives of those who believe help would not come their way, and I am confident that SCOPE can help me to begin this journey.