Anna von Wendorff
Fall 2014
Fundraising Team
Fundraising Coordinator

Member since: Fall 2014

My passion for medicine stems from my experience as a volunteer in my hometown, and the incredible communities which I am fortunate to be a part of as a result. Working together to support an underserved population brings a group of individuals together in a way that is truly unique and binding. Each individual has the same ultimate goal but their methods and motivations are distinct. The skills I have gained and the friendships I have made while working with communities and organizations have changed my life. Working alongside youth with disabilities gave me a glimpse of how young individuals interact with health professionals and medical equipment on a daily basis, and this is where my passion for the non-profit industry and the medical field stems from.

I think that working in the medical field is so powerful because of the basic health need that exists around the world, regardless of political boundaries, and I would love to join the Peace Corps or work in a health organization abroad following graduation. I hope that, in addition to creating a close-knit community, SCOPE gives me the ability to better understand the medical issues which affect our world.