Bhavyata Vaddavalli
Fall 2016
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Through my experiences from the past 19 years, I have been able to explore my interest in the medical field– a field that is constantly growing, constantly changing and above all else, will allow me to help others across the globe. From holding the head of a cadaver in my hands to observing a laminectomy, I have established a deeper connection to the study of medicine, perhaps admiration and strong dedication to continue on the path of medicine. I had met many physicians and specialists but something common among all of them is an enthusiasm to help others in need. I have developed this enthusiasm to help by volunteering at Cupertino Healthcare & Wellness Center. As a volunteer, the small things that I was able to do were merely for their temporary happiness. I realized if I were in the place of a doctor, I could do much more, through medical treatment and care. I hope that SCOPE will further my interest in medicine and allow me to learn from being in a clinical environment.