Brianna Wright
Fall 2014
PCPR Member

Member since: Fall 2014

At the age of three I was placed into my grandmother’s custody due to my mother’s substance abuse. Every day my grandmother and I would go to her job at The Natural Health Clinic in Los Angeles. Watching my grandmother in the clinic sparked my interest in becoming a doctor, an interest that was solidified when my stepmother became pregnant. At the age of nine I read one of my stepmother’s pregnancy books. I was so enraptured by the entire process; I wanted to know everything about how the body developed and worked. Throughout the years, this desire has influenced my decision to become a doctor.


SCOPE is an amazing opportunity for me to further explore my interest in medicine. Instead of relying on House or Grey’s Anatomy for my perception of the life of a doctor, I actually get to witness the reality in person. Not only do I get to volunteer for doctors, but I also get to be a part of an amazing pre-medical community. I am very excited to have such a fulfilling opportunity.