Carmen Estrada
Fall 2015
Interpreter Team
Spanish Interpreter

Member since: Fall 2015

I grew up in East San Jose where I lived in gang-filled apartments for 10+ years and shared a room with 4 family members. I witnessed gang violence hurt innocent bystanders every day and I noticed the struggle that Spanish-speaking families went through to try to get medical help. Their struggle began when they called 9-11 and continued through their hospital stay. Interpreters were scarce and doctors that spoke a second language were almost non-existent.

My family also struggled with this issue and when we met with a doctor they usually greeted us with frustration and spoke to us as if our culture and social status were to blame for our health problems. These experiences fueled my passion to pursue medicine. I want to provide culturally competent care to low-income and Spanish speaking families.

SCOPE will allow me to further practice my interpreter skills in an emergency room setting, which will strengthen my capabilities as a future physician. It will also allow me to observe the doctor-patient interaction in a hospital that serves the low-income community of San Jose, the area that I hope to serve in the future.