Chai Arnold
Winter 2016
Interpreter Team
Spanish Interpreter

Member since: Winter 2016

I grew up in a community of Hispanic immigrants who worked low income jobs to give their children better opportunities in the future, one paycheck at a time. My siblings and I were raised by a single mother, who worked assiduously to provide us with the essentials, but was rarely around to spend time with us. I took on a strong role in my home and took responsibility for myself and my siblings in the absence of my parents. As I got older, my mother was less and less able to care for us due to physical and mental illnesses that took their toll on her. As a result, I got to spend much of my time observing the interactions between my mother and the medical professionals that treated her, and they became the figures I looked up to when I began to map out the life that I wanted for myself. Thanks to the Gates Millennium and Dell Scholarships, I am able to attend Stanford and am a step closer to achieving my career goals. I believe SCOPE will provide me with the next crucial step in my career path, and give me the clinical experience and wisdom to discover exactly what role I should play in the field of medicine, and in what ways I can be most useful to my communities. I believe my resilience in times of adversity and my commitment to helping those in need will make me a great doctor in the future.