Chia-Ying Lee
Winter 2014
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My interest in science started since I was little and my curiosity thrived as I grew older. Death and sickness are common visitors in my family. When my cousin passed away due to a medical error, my mother became more vigilant about our health, and her dedication to us inspired me. Her compassion for those in need and advocacy for those less fortunate encourages me. She instilled in me a respect for diversity and a burning desire to be an advocate for the underserved in our community.

While volunteering at Valley Medical Center, I saw the face of San Jose that is often forgotten or overlooked. SCOPE will be a great support to my goal with the group of knowledgeable and well connected peers and the close collaboration between students. I hope to build a community of future healthcare providers and advocates who are passionate about improving the current healthcare for the community around us and together encourage one another to strive toward the goal of lowering health disparities.