Christine Chen
Fall 2013, Graduated

Member from: Fall 2013–Spring 2017

Medicine, to me, is one of the most powerful means of story-keeping. From a young age, I’ve loved to write—I can empathize with the characters, can connect with and treasure their stories. But my drive to connect transcends the page and carries into my interaction with the people around me as well. I am driven to alleviate the suffering of others because I realize the person behind that suffering. This struck home the day my mother collapsed from stomach bleeding. The feeling of helplessness as I watched the ambulance carry her to the hospital made me not only want to connect to those around me, but to fight for their lives as well. I admire physicians who find the human behind the patient in spite of their demanding workloads. My involvement with S.C.O.P.E will expose me to a whole host of people doing just that, and give me realistic insight into the sacrifices and triumphs of being a doctor. I truly look forward to growing as a student and person in the years ahead.