Cindy Liu
Winter 2016
Design Team
Design Team Leader

Member since: Winter 2016

From a young age, I’ve always loved science and engineering. I especially loved learning about the ways that biomedical engineering could help treat patients and solve problems. However, I wasn’t truly interested in pursuing medicine as a career until I went on a public health trip to rural China. Having grown up in the US, I encountered what felt like a completely different world. There was limited access to healthcare, with only a small two-room village clinic with one doctor. I could clearly see the village doctor’s dedication to serving his local community and the impact he had upon improving patients’ lives. Since then, I’ve found the potential to combine research and clinical medicine to engineer new tools for healthcare and directly apply them to patients. I hope that SCOPE will help guide me along my path in medicine by further exposing me to what clinical work entails and providing a supportive community of physicians and fellow students to work with and learn from.