Colton Kelly
Winter 2015
Health Education
Health Education Team Member

Member since: Winter 2015

I was born and raised in the bay area with a father that was a pediatric dentist, mother that was a hygienist and two older brothers. After seeing my father’s work I saw how much more there was to the bay area and the world than just my little area and wanted to branch out. While growing up I was always into helping out at my father’s office and this made me a lot more affluent with people of all different backgrounds. Since working with the patients of my father’s office I have become very charismatic with all age groups and great at understanding, listening, and working with all walks of life. After taking a couple of high school sports medicine courses I was hooked on helping those who were in pain. Soon there after I was given a chance to volunteer for an ER physician and I couldn’t stop wanting more. Once I heard about SCOPE I knew this would be the perfect opportunity for curbing my endless want to help others.