Daniel Kwan
Fall 2015
Photography & Videography

Member since: Fall 2015

I had done my undergraduate studies at CSU Long Beach, graduated in 2014 in Film and just completed post-bac at SF State. I had studied and worked in video production for 4 years prior to deciding to pursue medicine. I realized that like film production, the medical field is one that demands a team effort and is a large collaboration in the efforts of people to fulfill a goal. This attribute, alongside many others, attracted me to medicine and was a large deciding factor when I was thinking about switching career paths.

I joined SCOPE in order to get a first-hand view of patient-doctor interactions, and to affirm my decision by surrounding myself with like-minded people. I currently scribe at a primary care clinic, and volunteer at a needle exchange, which have also supported my want to become a doctor. I look forward to encountering people of many more backgrounds, and using the skills I acquire throughout my years in studying to become a doctor to better my community around me.