David Won
Fall 2013
Photography & Videography

Member since: Fall 2013

I am a photographer for the very same reasons that I am a pre-med student, and that is because being a photographer has taught me a lot about understanding people. It’s funny for me to describe it so simply, but I believe that photography gives me a license to ask questions and connect with other people in a way that has that sort of emotional depth that I find lacking in other forms of communication. And I think it is because of the interactions I have with people, regardless of however long my encounter with them may have been, that I have also been able to discover things about myself  that I would not have otherwise known. Despite my somewhat introverted character, I’ve learned how important it was to build trust with the people I photograph, and for that I was able to learn how to express myself more openly in front of others and act as a brief, but positive force in their lives. Now as an intern for SCOPE, I only wish to do the same in benefit of the patients and staff at the SCVMC.