Dorothy Tan
Winter 2016
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In my final year of college I believed I was headed in the direction of teaching or research. I enjoyed tutoring organic chemistry since it allowed me to be creative and use my science background to allow others to succeed academically. Most rewarding was the ability to see my students grow and improve throughout the year. Likewise, research in microbial ecology reaffirmed my love of science and scientific process; as a team, my research peers and I were able to tackle large-scale projects with multiple hypotheses. As the year ended, I began thinking of medicine as a job that checked all the boxes. Being a doctor would allow me to work in a team and develop long-term bonds with patients while using scientific knowledge to solve problems. I would be able to make a difference everyday and make a positive impact for patients in need.

Volunteering at the information desk at the Santa Clara Medical Center allowed me to learn more about the hospital environment and help patients and visitors with transport and directions. Since we are often the first and last people visitors and patients see at the hospital, our actions highly influence their experiences. As a SCOPE intern, I am excited to observe more of the patient-doctor interactions and take on more responsibilities in the hospital. I believe that my time in SCOPE will help me make an informed decision about a career in medicine while allowing me to work with other like-minded individuals in the pursuit of improved patient care.