Evelyn Rwema
Winter 2016
Health Education
Health Education Team Member

Member since: Winter 2016

I was exposed to the clinical setting from an early age, as I had family members battling chronic illness while my mother went back to school to become a Registered Nurse. Between her medical textbooks and hospital rooms, I saw a lot. But as I got older, I became more interested in public health. I understood that treating disease is a formidable challenge with high rewards, but the thought of preventing disease from even happening really caught my attention. It’s like cheating; the kind of cheating that saves millions of lives. I then discovered I could combine medicine and public health into one, by obtaining an MD/MPH. I believe that together, the two disciplines allow for the broadest understanding of, and thus impact on human health, through the ability to recognize and respond to the effects of disease from both individual and population perspectives.

I’m excited for SCOPE because of the mentorship opportunities with such a variety of physicians. In my experience up to now, I’ve seen that many physicians who also hold an MPH degree tend to work in primary care, which is a great thing, but I hope to broaden my understanding of all the different ways that public health can be incorporated with clinical practice, under a variety of specialties.