George Lu
Winter 2016
Photography & Videography

Member since: Winter 2016

The only television that my parents and I could enjoy together was a medical comedy called Scrubs. It followed the lives of recently graduated doctors and their experiences both in and out of the hospital. This is what started my interest in medicine. The things they did and the interactions they While I know it’s unrealistic to try and pursue something that I saw in television, but if even a fraction of what they do on my favorite show is the same as real life, I’m not going to give up my chance to be a part of it.

I have been raised in the Palo Alto for most of my life and I do not plan on leaving the bay area anytime soon. I am currently a student at Santa Clara University which is right next to home and in the heart of Silicon Valley. I want to be able to work in the medical field and help those in an engaging way. Medicine has been around for thousands of years and new discoveries are still being made everyday. SCOPE gives me the opportunity to work with physicians and see them help make life better for people. Hopefully by learning from them I can gain much needed experience that will not only make me a better at healthcare, but also better as a person.