Halemah Shuman
Fall 2016
Hospital Coordinator
Hospital Coordinator Team Member

Member since: Fall 2016

Growing up my siblings and I were very active and a tad clumsy, meaning there were frequent trips to our doctor. From all those trips it became obvious of how much compassion and drive it takes to be a doctor. Between trips to the doctor and my love for science, I grew to appreciate and admire the role of a doctor. Coming from a low income background and a large family, I am aware of the struggles and costs that come with health care. So to me, being a doctor means that I’d be able to comfort and support individuals who don’t have the resources to receive adequate care, like a doctor did for my family. As a first generation student, I was searching for a program that would support me in becoming a doctor and SCOPE is the perfect opportunity. I’m looking forward to the premedical support, amazing SCOPE community, and invaluable experiences that’ll prepare me for my journey in becoming a doctor who’ll make a positive impact through my compassion and drive to support those in need.