Heidy Beltran
Fall 2014
Interpreter Team
Spanish Interpreter

Member since: Fall 2014

I was born in California and I have lived my whole life in south San Jose, except for a year in which lived in England. I come from a small family; I have no siblings. I became the first one in my family to graduate from a university. I grew fascinated in medicine when my father ended up in the hospital in intensive care. I have a passion for traveling and helping others, whether it is volunteering in my community or going overseas to a third world country. When I came upon the SCOPE program there was no doubt that this program was what I was in search of. SCOPE is unique in that I not only get to gain knowledge and an affirmation if the medical field is truly for me, but I also get to do what I enjoy most which is volunteering. There is a vulnerability that arises when an individual is in a position in which he/she cannot communicate effectively. I will attempt to use my ability to speak Spanish to break down the wall between the physician and the patient that does not speak English.