James Luong
Fall 2013
Interpreter Team, Photography & Videography
Vietnamese Interpreter, Photographer

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Imagine that the man who raised you woke up that morning in his bed as cheerful as he could be – then imagine that just 12 hours later, you would be sitting with him in the ED at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center unable to talk to him because he was barely alive. During my first year in college, my father fell ill to urosepsis and my life would never be the same again. My parents made a living operating a food truck – a 2 person job at the minimum. With my father out of commission and my brother away for school, it became my responsibility to run the family business with my mother. I worked 12 hour days and took classes at night at the community college across from the hospital.What frustrated me the most wasn’t the fact that my father was ill – after all, the only things more certain than sickness are death and taxes – but it was the fact that I was powerless and lacked the knowledge to help him. I believe without a doubt that a career in medicine will free me from that powerlessness.