Jaylene Nguyen
Winter 2014
Interpreter Team
Vietnamese Interpreter

Member since: Winter 2014

My family members are in conflict when it comes to their opinion of the medical professionals. While my parents think health professionals are saints, my older relatives equate them to devils.  It is not surprising to hear that difference because my parents have no medical history while my older relatives have an assortment of metabolic syndrome health issues. Despite their differences, they both regularly visit their doctors because they realize these professionals have the necessary skills to help them. I have attended all these sessions with them as an interpreter and have noticed that, despite the language barrier; these doctors can often relieve their burden of the unknown by educating them on their ailments. That is one of the many factors that engaged my interest in the health field. I desire to acquire the necessary skills and utilize them in conjunction with my Vietnamese in order to educate the older non English speaking elders such as my parents and older relatives.