Jeanette Miramontes Pinedo
Winter 2015
Interpreter Team
Spanish Interpreter

Member since: Winter 2015

I was raised in Mexico for nearly ten years and have been living in California for the last seven years. I am passionate and dedicated about making a difference in people’s lives and helping those in need of better opportunities. I am always looking for a way to do things correctly and learn about my mistakes. I am optimistic about every situation I go through no matter how hard it can be.

I became interested in the medical field after seeing the poor quality medical care that was provided in Mexico. It was then when I decided that I wanted to be a doctor and make a difference among those in need. SCOPE will fill the gaps in my medical experience. It will provide to me with the opportunity to learn a lot more and to actually experience the relationship between doctor and patient. SCOPE will prepare me in a medical environment for my future career as a doctor.