Jessica Phan
Fall 2015
Vietnamese Interpreter

Member since: Fall 2015

As a SCOPE Interpreter, I am excited to be a part of an enriching experience where I will be further exposed to the dynamic medical profession while serving the very community I grew up in. Growing up as a child of immigrant parents in San Jose has provided me with the privilege of being able to interact and engage with an extremely diverse community. Up until high school, I was dead set on becoming a fashion journalist and lawyer. However, during high school, my grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer, and his experience navigating the health care system sparked my interest in medicine. Through his battle, I gained a glimpse into the vital role that health care professionals played in ensuring his well-being. Due to his limited English, my grandfather felt helpless because of his inability to communicate with his health care providers. With the help of my parents’ interpreting and his bilingual physicians, this experience provided me with an understanding of the necessity of having culturally competent health care professionals. I want to pursue a career in medicine in order to be an advocate for future patients and to contribute to breaking down linguistic barriers.