Jorge Delgado
Fall 2016
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Eric Kandel burst into my life at age 12, bringing the intriguing field of neuroscience and engendering a deep love for this field that has since only gotten stronger. Fascinated by every aspect of neuroscience, I avidly watched the brain series with Charlie Rose and Eric Kandel, enraptured by their presentations. During the summer before my senior year, I completed a two-week shadow of a prominent San Antonio neurosurgeon. The eye-opening experience of following this doctor on his rounds afforded me great insight into the daily life of a surgeon, as I watched surgeries from the doctor’s side, fell more deeply in love with the medical field, and eradicated any lingering doubts about my long-term career plans in medicine. My time at San Antonio’s Methodist Hospital, a prelude to my SCOPE experience, familiarized me with the hospital setting and with the critical role that doctors play. I felt at home in the hospital environment, a place that I hope to make an integral part of my future.