Jussely Morfin
Fall 2016
Interpreter Team
Spanish Interpreter

Member since: Fall 2016

My desire to pursue a career in medicine began when I encountered several health issues myself. Throughout my journey I’ve learned that the road to becoming a doctor is full of obstacles. I’ve also realized that being a physician not only grants me the power to give a prescription or a diagnosis. As a Spanish-speaking doctor I have the ability to help close the language barrier gap and provide culturally competent care and treatment for patients.

Growing up the lack of Spanish-speaking interpreters became apparent to me from a very young age since I witnessed my parents struggle with the language barrier on a day-to-day basis. Later, I realized that struggling with the language in a store or a restaurant is minimal compared to the language barrier in a hospital setting.

Through SCOPE I hope to contribute to closing the language gap between physicians and patients. It also gives me the opportunity to serve and make a difference in the type of community I want to serve as a physician.