Justine Bersonda
Fall 2014
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As a basketball coach, I have observed that each team has its characters. There are the most skilled players and players that have more room for improvement. However, through dedication and hard work, each player has the potential to rise up and be the best player they can be. Similarly, I may not be the most skilled player in the pre-medical journey, however, I choose to let my compassion towards others, my conviction to transform the patient/ physician interaction, and my calling to serve the community to propel me into becoming a culturally competent health professional.

Being accepted to the SCOPE internship has been a humbling experience. I believe that SCOPE will provide the invaluable opportunity of observing what a career in medicine entails. In all of this, I hope that I will not only be the bridge between doctors and patients, but also serve as a bridge among my peers providing encouragement and assistance to achieve their goals and dreams.