Kathreen Santos
Winter 2016
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I grew up in Brazil, and moved to the US when I was eighteen years old, looking for a challenge, an adventure, a way to find myself as a person, and as a professional.

The educational system there is a little different. For example, one does not have to go through undergrad before applying to medical school, and I had tried getting into medical school there before coming here. Unfortunately – or not! – I did not get in.

During these past seven years, I have gone through so much, explored and failed and succeeded in many areas of my life. One of the ones I CAN say I have succeeded in is in my decision to pursue medicine. I had the opportunity to try different things, and today I can say for sure that medicine is the best choice!

Living in a foreign country, you learn so much about yourself, what you limits are, what motivates you, what it is that you really want. You also learn a lot about others, how amazing the world and other cultures are, and you open yourself up for so many wonderful opportunities.

I am ready to start another incredible adventure with SCOPE!