Katie Gu
Winter 2016
Community and Social Team
Community and Social Team Member

Member since: Winter 2016

I’ve always been fascinated with the human body— its complexities, strengths, and fragilities were all facets that I became intimately acquainted with during my ten-year career as a competitive synchronized swimmer. From learning to tread water as an uncoordinated eight-year-old to competing as a two-time member of the US National Team in Italy and Puerto Rico, my athletic experiences have helped me cultivate a deep-seated appreciation for health, teamwork, and tireless commitment to one’s craft.

I’m interested in medicine because I find that the doctor-patient relationship is the ultimate embodiment of synergy, the sort of interaction between two individuals pooling together their combined efforts to create something greater than their separate selves. I am incredibly excited to join SCOPE and experience some of these synergetic interactions firsthand, and to learn from all the physicians, patients, and peers I’ll meet during my time as a SCOPE intern.