Kevin Sun
Winter 2014
PCPR Member

Member since: Winter 2014

I grew up in one of the most diverse cities in the U.S. There, I was raised to appreciate other cultures for their different values and customs, strengths and needs. I carry with me the cultural awareness that I developed in my youth, as I desire to tackle the health disparities that still exist today.

My interest in health care arose from my previous volunteering in music therapy at cancer centers, nursing homes, and children’s hospitals. The times I spent communicating through music to address the emotional consequences of physical conditions convinced me that life is beautiful, that a person’s wellbeing is complex, and that I wish to be involved more directly in addressing the root causes of patients’ suffering.

This, therefore, is what I wish to accomplish with SCOPE: to gain a better understanding of how health care differs between social groups and communities, and to verify that being a doctor would be the most satisfying way for me to address the emotional needs of patients.