Lan Do
Winter 2016
Interpreter Team
Vietnamese Interpreter

Member since: Winter 2016

It has been a challenging journey in pursuing medicine for me as a first generation Vietnamese American female. I have had to push and break from traditional gender roles as well as cultural norms. However, the criticisms have been important in helping me strengthen my drive. Despite everything, I still want to become a doctor. This is how I want to help my community and this is what I want to spend the rest of my life doing.

As frustrating as some aspects of my culture have been, I’m still grateful that my parents kept me grounded in my roots. I am proud to be Vietnamese. I am able to speak to more people, I am able to understand more people, and as a result, I am able to help more people. Effective communication is so crucial for efficient patient care and I’m honored to act as the bridge between patient and provider through my role as a medical interpreter. I hope to have a fulfilling clinical experience, learn more medical terminology, and enrich my communication skills. I am very grateful and so honored to be a part of SCOPE and its passionate network of premeds. This experience marks another step towards me being a good doctor.