Lauren Druml
Winter 2014
Hospital Coordinator
Hospital Coordinator Team Leader

Member since: Winter 2014

Observing a beating heart during a cardiothoracic operation is an image that propels me towards a career in medicine. As I looked down at an open chest, I was amazed at not only the complexity of the human body but also the simplicity of repair. Whether through surgery, emergency medicine, or another specialty, I look forward to making a difference in peoples’ lives and having the opportunity to fix what is broken. Aside from medicine, I’m passionate about reading, writing, educating, and community service. In my future, I intend to write about my journey of becoming a doctor and various medical topics, sharing my knowledge with others. Through SCOPE, I hope to fill gaps in my medical knowledge and gain a fresh perspective on what it means to be a doctor. Spending time in the ER will be a unique experience for me and I am eager to have more patient interaction. Most importantly, I look forward to being a part of a community with other pre-meds who share the same aspiration as myself.