Liane Ruddy
Fall 2016
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As a Franco-American, I have always compared my two countries. The biggest discrepancy to me is regarding health care systems; France having free, universal health care, while the US does not. Being a Public Health student, I discovered my passion for social justice, in addition to my everlasting love for medicine. Health care is a right, not a privilege! I hope to help the underserved get the attention they deserve, but I do not know yet what kind of medicine I would like to go into. I am excited to enter medicine as it is redefining itself! I hope to, in the future, be able to use technology for medical advances and for the good of the people. In addition to technology, medicine is a changing field as we discover more and more about the body and how mental health affects our well-being. I am fascinated by the cohesion of the mind and the body, and cannot wait to dive into such a rich field.