Lindsay Yuen
Fall 2015
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Growing up, I didn’t know I wanted to be a doctor; that conviction didn’t come until recently. I did, however, feel what I like to call a “righteous anger” when learning about current events. As I matured, that righteous anger turned into a desire to further social justice. I originally thought my path would be human rights law, but felt unsatisfied working in the legal field. Because of my background and interest in social behavior, I later explored human-centered design, which led to attending a lecture on how design can improve healthcare delivery and patient engagement. This lecture inspired my interest in medicine, as I realized that doctors can combat social injustice by advocating for underserved populations in addition to providing care to them. I also realized that there is a lot of room for human-centered design and innovation in healthcare.

As a SCOPE intern, I am excited to gain clinical experience and to work with a non-profit that creates social change and seeks to increase compassion, and its requisite empathy, in healthcare. After all, empathy is often considered the first step in innovation and design!