Lisa Fu
Graduated, Winter 2016
Art Team, Design Team, Directors
Associate Director, Art/Design Team Member

Member since: Winter 2016

Medicine to me is an empathetic art that imbues beauty to scientific knowledge. Healing a person’s pain requires more than just machines or technological procedures; it requires a holistic understanding of one’s cultural, physical, and emotional dimensions.

From children tormented by kwashiorkor on the streets of Beijing, or blind homeless people sheltered just outside the revolving doors of hospitals in my hometown, to my uncle who passed away from metastatic lung cancer, to my close friend who battles daily with entrenching symptoms of craniopharyngioma, to my impaired and diabetic father… In learning about and interacting with the world around me, I find more and more meaning to the people behind these battle scars of life. Ultimately, what fuels my passion for healthcare is an innate sensitivity to heal people, to reach out to people, to care for people around me.

Through medicine, I want to live a life of humility, in service of others: “I am what I am because of who we all are”.