Loc Tien Nguyen
Fall 2013
Interpreter Team
Vietnamese Interpreter

Member since: Fall 2013

I was fortunate to have been born into a family, where my parents were physicians. During my childhood, my parents used to take me to their hospitals, where I had opportunities to observe them treating their patients’ medical problems while also tending to their personal emotions. Since we used to live in an underserved and poor area, my parents would consistently attempt to treat neighbors for little or no medical fee. In doing so, they could give their best to treat patients’ diseases, and they also had a chance to teach many how to live healthily. Having seen my parents interact with their patients, I myself have come to the conclusion that besides being responsible for healing the patients, physicians also have a unique duty to try and educate them as well about how to live their lives with less health risks. After all, the utmost responsibility of being a physician is to build a well-living individual, who in turn can help physicians go on to build a healthier community.