Luu Pham
Winter 2015
Interpreter Team
Vietnamese Interpreter

Member since: Winter 2015

Born and raised in Vietnam, my parents have greatly influence my career choices and showed me what it takes to be a doctor. Ironically, over there, where medical degree is viewed with prestigious and honor, my parents could only earn just enough to make ends meet and live a very simple lifestyle. What they gained from all those daily on-calls and long intense hours at the ER weren’t money or status, but the appreciation and the satisfaction of saving lives, easing the suffering and illnesses of the patients they met. To them, that is more than anything else they would ever ask for.

Strongly inspired by them, after coming to America from Vietnam under the family reunion program, I worked hard to pursue the pre-medical path. When I found SCOPE, I knew that this organization will help me realize my dream and helped steer me in the right direction. With the supports and experiences learned from the members and doctors here, I believe I will achieve my goal.