Mai Phuong Nguyen Dang
Fall 2016
Interpreter Team
Vietnamese Interpreter

Member since: Fall 2016

My passion for medicine quickly sprouted when I volunteered aboard the hospital ship USNS Mercy where I was working with the underserved Vietnamese population. Talking, day after day, with people who were struggling filled me with the powerful desire to help. Seeing the patients’ big grins and warm words left an everlasting impression on me. More specifically, my deep and personal interactions with the patients gave me a great sense of fulfillment, and made me want to pursue medicine. As a Vietnamese immigrant who grew up in Finland but then immigrated again to the United States, I often witnessed how much the language barrier affected and continues to affect my mother. Hence, I am excited for this wonderful opportunity to volunteer as an interpreter who can help bridge the language gap between physicians and patients like my mother at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.