Manuel Gonzales
Graduated, Winter 2013

Member since: Winter 2013

My journey on the road to medicine began 28 years ago in Lima, Peru. Back then a white coat was the last thing on my mind.

I grew up in the SF Bay Area and worked part-time as a preschool teacher all through college. After grad school I delved full-time into teaching children about science and math, with the intention of returning to psychology and getting my Ph.D. A volunteer trip to Nicaragua—where I served as an interpreter for UC Davis med students—opened my eyes to a new career possibility.

I see many parallels between teaching and medicine: explaining difficult concepts in a simple way, interacting with people from various backgrounds, working on a team with a common goal. These similarities have driven my desire to explore medicine and to use my teaching skills in a new, challenging way.

SCOPE is one of my last stops on the path to medical school. At SCVMC I’ve enhanced my medical interpreting ability while solidifying my decision to work with underserved populations.