Mark Buckup
Fall 2015
Recruitment Chair & Fundraising

Member since: Fall 2015

Being born and spending many phases of my life in the suburbs of Brazil, I have grown perturbed witnessing the pain and suffering in the favelas, unable and unsure even how to help. As I was brought to this land of opportunity, I began realizing how fulfilling of a feeling I felt when I lent my hand to the community, initially helping with smaller local events – such as CCA and soup kitchen gatherings — and afterward becoming an ardent lifeguard responder and a persistent hospital volunteer.  While my family is one of engineers and designers, psychologists and teachers, I made the decision to breach out and reach towards another goal, a career path where I could both implement my knowledge, undergo challenge after challenge, and pursue a passion that has long characterized who I am. I want to make a difference not only to gain the experience or form the relationships in a hospital, but also to produce smiles and precipitate joy to an atmosphere where it is much needed. I aspire to make a difference in lives and an impact for those who believe help would not come their way, and I am confident that such an opportunity as SCOPE can help me begin this trek.