Martin Hernandez
Fall 2014
Interpreter Team
Spanish Interpreter

Member since: Fall 2014

I lived most of my life in Southern California in a somewhat large city and am the child of two Mexican immigrants who worked and met in strawberry fields. My family had no blatant struggles because my parents worked endlessly, sometimes for more than twelve hours a day, in order to ensure that my siblings and I had no struggles to distract us from our schooling. As a result, I developed a passion for learning and viewed it as a way to better my family’s quality of life. Along the way I was exposed to stories of people and students who are kept from ever bettering their lives or receiving an education not by direct financial barriers but by a lack of sometimes the most fundamental medical care which I constantly took for granted. This sparked my interest in medical policy and subsequently in medicine application. Since then, I’ve aspired to become a medical practitioner who can give life changing opportunities and second chances.