Meagan Wu
Winter 2015
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I first grew up admiring physicians because of the stories my parents told me as pediatricians. When the NICU my mother worked in admitted a woman whose newborn had severe asphyxia, its respiratory tract needed an immediate clear up. At that critical moment, the power went off and the only alternative of mouth-to-mouth suction was risky because the infant’s mother was a Hepatitis B carrier. Still, my mother cleared the infant’s airway without hesitation and saved its life.

In awe of her courage, I decided to explore medicine in highschool at the local hospital, where I became privy to a side of medicine past the logistics blood calcium measurements. The more I interacted with patients, the more I understood what shapes a doctor’s passion including small victories like keeping an asthma patient from going to the ER. Most of all, that physicians continue to struggle against the odds makes me want to contribute to this beautiful, collective endeavor that SCOPE allows me to experience.