Melissa Eidman
Winter 2015
Health Education
Health Education Team Member

Member since: Winter 2015

I am a member of the Yurok Tribe and most of my family lives on the reservation. The standard of healthcare on reservations is significantly below national standards. Many years ago, I realized that it was my responsibility as a Native woman, to help improve the healthcare offered to my people. Fortunately, in high school, I found a passion for the sciences. After I graduated, I began attending community college. At Sacramento City College, I earned three associates degrees: an A.A. in Liberal Arts: Math and Science, an A.A. in Social Science, and an A.S. in Biology. In 2014, I transferred to Stanford University where I am working toward a B.S. in Biology and I am a research assistant in a genetics lab at Stanford Medical School. After I earn my bachelors, I will be attending medical school. My ultimate goal is to open clinics on reservations across The United States, helping tribes meet their goals of self-governance and improved healthcare, beginning with the Yurok reservation.