Michael Jung
Fall 2014
Hospital Coordinator
Hospital Coordinator Team Leader

Member since: Fall 2014

From a young age, I have always been interested in the sciences. However, I was not sure I wanted to be a doctor until I had explored what a career in medicine actually entailed. By observing patient-doctor interactions and seeing how much of an impact a warm and caring doctor can have on a patient, I was able to see myself dedicate the rest of my life to learning new skills and using them to save lives. If I were able to give individuals more time to spend with their loved ones and experience what the world has to offer, I would consider myself an incredibly fortunate individual.

SCOPE is able to provide me with a unique perspective into the field of medicine. Not only would I be able to volunteer for physicians from various specialties, I would also be able to contribute, in my limited capacity, to the functioning of the ED. As a member of SCOPE, I also hope to learn a great deal from the other members and enjoy our time together as we navigate our path towards our respective careers.