Morgan Vien
Winter 2015
Journal Team
Journal Team Leader

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I am a native of the Bay Area, California. Growing up, I would always watch as our family doctor attended to members of my family. I saw how the doctor would instantly alleviate my family’s worries the moment she walked into the room to monitor everyone’s health and to pinpoint and treat problems before they festered. The way with which doctors are able to give their patients a sense of reassurance and to improve patients’ health and comfort, even in the slightest way such as mitigating a headache, is aspirational and has sparked my curiosity and enthusiasm for a career in medicine.

I know that SCOPE will provide me with an opportunity to increase my clinical experience, to explore a plethora of medical specialties through observation, and to see doctors of different specialties working together towards a common goal – the improvement of health and quality of life of every patient who arrives at the hospital doors.