Nate Hansen
Winter 2016
Directors, Journal Team
Associate Director, Journal Team Member

Member since: Winter 2016

I grew up on the rocky coast of Maine and spent my free time exploring tide pools and writing stories about small towns on the ocean’s edge. I thought for a long time I would grow up to become a marine biologist or a writer. Then in the fall of 2015, the tragic suicide of a close family friend profoundly changed my perspective on what it means to be suffering and to feel compassion. I realized then that I wanted to be a doctor.

I want to be a physician because I believe it will give me the rare opportunity to engage with people from varying backgrounds and to help them through the long and asymptotic cycle of poor health and good health. I am fascinated by the hard scientific questions that are part of diagnosis and creative decision-making; excited at the thought of working with a team to care for and treat a patient; and moved by those facing illness with courage and spunk. I want to learn about human biology and apply my natural curiosity to uncover new treatment strategies or surgical techniques that will better the lives of my patients. For the most part however, my desire to enter the field of medicine is driven by a feeling that I want to do my part to help those in need.