Olivia (Olives) Nguyen
Winter 2015
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Once a doctor asked me, “Tell me about yourself. What do you want to do?” Automatically, I recited my name, my majors, the school I attended, and the career path my mother insists I pursue. I was disappointed. Why could I not tell him who I was? Well, doing so meant that I would have to “come out” in our first meeting, and not only as queer and gender non-conforming, but as one who grew up with a lot of misplaced aggression and toxic relationships. It was because the work I want to accomplish in the world is so deeply tied to my messy and confusing adolescence that confessing my livelihood would be unprofessional. So I sat there, reticent, in his office, displaying only what I have been told is acceptable.

Now, I refuse to be stuck with fear of disappointment. I refuse to disconnect myself from what truly matters to me. I refuse to work within frameworks that others have set for me. It is through SCOPE that I am learning to embody myself in professional and clinical settings and that I am becoming no longer scared of who I am and who I will be.