Parwana Khazi
Fall 2016
Photography & Videography
Photo/Video Team Member

Member since: Fall 2016

After many hip surgeries as a child, doctors deemed it highly unlikely that I regain my preoperative mobility, crossing the sports I had grown up loving off the list. To their surprise, I was able to return to the world I had never been able to say goodbye to after years of physical therapy. From the moment my doctor told me I could return to the court, field, ring, and everything in between, I realized I wanted to share that euphoric fit of joy with others who struggle just as I did. I was introduced to the world of medicine because of my experiences as a patient in it and ever since, my passion has housed itself in its heart. I wish to help those with physical disadvantages experience the joy of movement once again through my work one day in this world as an orthopedic surgeon. I hope that SCOPE will allow me to work more closely with patients and that in a few years, I can work directly with such people in an effort to change maybe not the entire world, but their whole world.