Phong Phan
Fall 2016
Interpreter Team
Vietnamese Interpreter

Member since: Fall 2016

I was born in a rural area in Vietnam. Having lived for a long time in an area where medical facilities were underdeveloped, the doctors were scared, and medical insurance system was virtually nonexistent, I understand how such poor healthcare situation could impact the life of the people. That became one of the motivation for me to pursue the doctor career. I like what doctors do every day. They are able to listen to each patient’s unique story, use their medical knowledge and reasoning skills to decipher the problems, write medication and give advices that help alleviate the patient’s burden. Besides, being a doctor gives many more privileges. For example, a doctor can be an effective advocate for patients; they can argue for changes in the medical system to give their patients easier access to healthcare and higher quality of care. It is a wonderful and rewarding career.