Ram Sundaresh
Fall 2013
Photography & Videography

Member since: Fall 2013

For three years of my undergraduate career I worked in a stem cell lab, searching for clues into the mechanisms of cancer. I give meaning to life by searching for ways to make the world a better place, and I was trying to improve the world with my research. Imagine how many lives could be saved if a discovery in the lab could translate into a better medication! I’m fascinated with the massively scalable impact of biomedical research.Yet over the years I’ve come to realize just how far-removed the lab bench can be from the patients that it seeks to help. I want to use biomedical science to improve the world, but in a way that I can directly connect with the people I’m helping. This is where medicine comes into the picture. A physician stands at a unique crossroad between modern medical science and direct compassionate care. A good physician must not only be analytical, but also sensitive and considerate. Being a part of SCOPE allows me to learn firsthand what it takes to be a great physician.