Richard Tran
Fall 2015
Design Team
Design Team Member

Member since: Fall 2015

I am a mechanical engineer and designer. I like seamless design, intricate mechanisms, and beautiful products. So soaking hands into gushing blood, janky stapling of bodily flesh, and cracking ribs apart with ruthless industrial tools seem like quite the opposite of what I take delight in. These techniques might be the most inelegant way to save a life! Well that is what I like about medicine.

Many might overlook the down and dirty of design and product engineering. The janky prototyping and development make the beautiful finish at all possible. I had a chance to experience the pace, intensity, and excitement of the ED, the rapid prototyping, if you will, to stabilize a patient. I also had the a chance to feel the smooth acting motion of an orthopedic partial knee replacement, and the kind of satisfaction that only those who have spent years in a machine shop can fully appreciate. I am excited about medicine because it incorporates what I take delight in every day – getting my hands dirty diving into the thick of things.